The ensemble

In 2021, VNJE organised 26 individual assignments for 21 professional musicians living in our region. In addition, 14 musicians received the full fee for concerts that were cancelled due to the pandemic. When VNJE is fully developed, we plan to organise six projects a year featuring up to 15 musicians per project. Given our rolling cast, this will potentially generate assignments for 90 musicians a year. Assuming funding is available, this could be realised in 2025.

As well as being a key employer of professional musicians in the region, VNJE will be an important arena for innovation and artistic development.

artistic leader

Kjetil Møster

VNJE will link musicians living in our region closer together.

VNJE will be a driving force for artistic development, maintain a high artistic level, and have big ambitions for the projects it initiates.

VNJE will be a well-known ensemble in Norway and the Nordics by 2023, and will go on to assert itself in Europe.

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Vestnorsk Jazzsenter

Georgernes Verft
5011 Bergen
T: 55 30 72 50

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Nina Torske